I like to design and make games. It's a bit of an obsession for me. I have recently graduated in Computer Games Technology from the Manchester Metropolitan University (First-Class Honours). I sometimes blog about my exploits. I am also increasingly interested in digital arts and VFX, and how the two industries are pushing each other forwards technologically.

So please feel free to browse my portfolio and let me know what you think. I love feedback, so if you want to discuss anything to do with my work feel free to get in touch!



Below are some examples of the games and environments I have worked on! Some are in playable states, the ones that aren't have video breakdowns.



Project VOID is an asymmetric multiplayer horror FPS. A team of mercenaries must complete their objectives while being hunted by a terrifying alien threat we have been developing for the last few months over lockdown and around our work commitments.

I have led the project as well as designed and implemented most of the core gameplay and multiplayer functionality, as well as the Steam integration. I also set up our AWS Perforce server, created our main design document in Confluence and helped everyone into using source control and collaborating remotely in Unreal Engine 4.

This project has been a massive learning experience, and I have learned a lot about UE4, as well as client/server multiplayer and how to work with artists to iterate on and implement complex systems.

You can see the project in action here.


Carp DM's is an online text-based social deduction game where Carps must catch the Catfish out in a group conversation. Made for Game Parade 2020. Nominated for 'Best 2D Art" and winner of "Community's Pick Best Overall" game! You can find the latest build on itch.io here!

I helmed this project, helped design the network functionality and worked with both our artist and UI designer to create the visual style of the game.



A prototype adventure puzzle game for mobile devices created for Tranzfuser 2020. Inspired by games such as Ico and Zelda, players control a young monk searching to cure a curse that is slowly corrupting his body. You can catch our last dev update here.

I led this project and was responsible for the overall design. We were experimenting with condensing complex 3D adventure controls down to intuitive touched based input found that would work well on smart devices.


This project was created for my dissertation and explores the validity of using games as tools in infectious disease simulation. Contagion is an online multiplayer game that looks at player driven person-to-person infection, and how changes in environmental complexity affects infection rates. It was also designed to track and output data for analysis.

This was my first time creating a multiplayer game, and learning how to incorporate the client/server into game design.

See the presentation video here.

Read my dissertation here.

Download and try the project here.



Duality Core is twin stick 'Bullet Hell' style prototype. Built in a week as part of my university course's "game a week" module, it focuses on having players fighting off enemies in two dualities at the same time. I really liked this project, and I definitely want to expand on this idea at some point.

See the breakdown video here.

Download and try the game here.

(Requires a controller)


I created the Twine game 'Call'  as part of my university course's "game a week" module. In this interactive narrative experience, players take on the role of a Samaritan working in a call center. I wanted to experiment with branching narrative and meaningful choice that has real consequence.

You can play Call here.



A video breakdown of my Unreal Engine 4 prototype 'Sun Shrine', created using Unreal's blueprint system. The prototype is a puzzle platformer that gives players the ability to switch between day and night. Platforms and objects in the environment appear or disappear dependent on the time of day and require players to constantly switch back and forth to navigate. The project features a climbing system made entirely in blueprints that enables vertical traversal of the level.

See the breakdown video here.


Players take charge of a young girl as she restores a mystical tower by solving puzzles. This was created for Global Game Jam 2020 by a small group of us and I really feel like we nailed the aesthetic  we were going for. I was responsible for designing overall gameplay, level design and programming. We had a lot of fun planning and prototyping puzzles.

I led this project and was responsible for most of the design and programming of the movement and interaction systems.

You can download and try relic here.



A mobile based reaction game that I developed in my second year. The game was developed to understand creating games for mobile devices, as well as Google Play Store and ad based monetisation integration. I also learnt a lot about optimisation and bug fixing, as well as app deployment.

You can download the early access on Google Playstore here.


Domestic, an escape room style puzzle game about domestic abuse made for Global Game Jam. Created for the theme "What does home mean to you?", demonstrating why having a home may not always be a good thing.

I led  this project and was responsible for the concept, its gameplay, visual design and programming.

Play it here!



This is some of my current work in environment creation.

You can download the real-time versions of these scenes here.



An environmental study I created to test the Aura 2 volumetric lighting system in Unity engine. This scene has since been used in Aura 2's advertising material. I also turned this work into an animated desktop wallpaper for Wallpaper Engine, which currently has over a thousand subscribers.

See it running here.

Check out the Aura 2 video!

Get the Wallpaper Engine version on Steam.