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Hey! I'm James!

I love to design and make games, and it's pretty much all I do with my free time! I have a BSc in Computer Games Technology from the Manchester Metropolitan University and I recently completed an MA in Game Design at the University of the Arts in London.

I play a LOT of games, across a whole bunch of genres. Deus Ex and Shadow of the Colossus are probably my two favourite games of all time, but I will also champion the Half-Life and X-Com series, Titanfall 2, Sim-City 4 and the Sims. When I'm not gaming I'm usually watching anime or films. I'm a huge Studio Ghibli fan and Akira, Aliens and Jurassic Park are my favourite films.

I'm working a lot with virtual reality and Unreal engine at the minute. I'm pretty much always developing projects, mainly for fun. My need to learn how things work can get border a bit on the obsessive side!

Feel free to have a look at my work. I'm super happy to talk about anything, so drop me a message!

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